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Make your Vehicle a Tracked Snow Machine!

Polar Tracks® are a new innovative way of transforming your factory produced vehicle into a Tracked Snow Machine! Simply remove your factory wheels and bolt on our POLAR TRACKS® and you are done. No modifications are needed for most vehicles.


Polar Tracks® are manufactured in the USA, and the notable difference in POLAR TRACKS® vs other track systems are the Drive Flanges. Polar Tracks® drive flanges are 6.5 inches, with the housing diameter of 3.75 inches. Our LT track system is one of the the lightest on the market today. The axle has a standard nut/cotter pin setup and the Center Cap is machined steel with counter sunk socket head cap screws. All of our Hub Assemblies are manufactured with Timken Bearings installed.


What makes Polar Tracks® unique is that all our tracks are universal fit. This means if you buy a set of our tracks this year for Jeep and next year you want to mount them on your F150 or Silverado, all you need is a new set of drive flanges with that specific wheel bolt pattern. Our proprietary drive flanges are CNC milled and can be built with any amount of spacing required to clearance brake parts or hub.


There is no need to order specialized replacement parts from us. The parts that are specialized, such as the frames, rails and drive wheels, are designed to last a lifetime and are unlikely to ever need replacing. All of our steel components are protected by a powder coated finish to provide years of corrosion free service.


Polar Tracks® non warrantied wear items such as tracks, idler wheels and sliders are genuine, off-the-shelf, North American snowmobile parts, so replacements can be purchased at your local Snowmobile dealer.


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Introducing the new POLAR TRACKS® LT. This model is our latest lightweight but incredibly durable design. Building off of the strength and durability of the "Original" design the LT model weighs in at 145 lbs for the LT-121 and 175 lbs for the LT-136 which reduces your lbs per sq ft while maintaining the same footprint.

The LT model also fits into narrower wheel well openings and is compatible with nearly all vehicles.



Polar Tracks® has to be our coolest product line to date. Our Track Systems have Timken hub bearings(with grease zerk) and our idler wheels have bearings instead of bushings. We now have one of the highest quality and most affordable recreational track systems in North America. To our knowledge, we are the only track system that is completely universal. That means, our tracks will fit a Ford, then a Jeep, then an Envoy, with only the vehicle respective adapters necessary.

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Center Hub Height 20.5 inches

We manufacture all our track systems utilizing mainly off the shelf components, in an effort to facilitate ease of maintenance. All wear items such as tracks, idler wheels and sliders are genuine North American snowmobile parts, so should they require repair or replacement, you will be able to purchase these components at your local snowmobile dealer.

The LT model is nearly 20% lighter versus the competition and are currently the lightest on the market.

Shipping & Payment

We ship anywhere and accept most methods of payment including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express with a 2.9% service charge.

* Call for a shipping quote today!
* Call for Custom color quote today!

We stock Polar Tracks® in our standard black powder coat, but you are not limited to this color! Customers willing to wait a little longer may order their Polar Tracks® in almost any custom color to match your vehicle or personality.


Please call for special orders.

Set of 4 LT-121's $10,500

Set of 4 LT-136's $11,500

Combined set of 2 LT-121's & 2 LT-136's $11,000


Your #1 Track Source for your vehicle

POLAR TRACKS® are an affordable and innovative way to transform your factory produced vehicle into a go anywhere machine! Simply remove your factory wheels and tires and bolt on POLAR TRACKS® and you are done, no modifications are needed for most vehicles.


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